Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights

Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights. Light. Illusion.

Artists, photographers and filmmakers have long captured the use light and surface to create remarkable illusions.

The future of decorative lighting has arrived. Imagine being able to decorate your home, garden or landscape for a  social gathering or holiday at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting.  Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights use the latest in laser light technology to create drama, elegance and style with the ease of a simple fixture that will shine thousands of pinpoints of light to any surface.

Because Sparkle Magic requires no professional installation, anyone can set up and use Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights to cast radiant sparkling lights to any surface, indoors or out.  Each light can be set up in minutes and is able to achieve a variety of lighting effects using the adjustable dial.  This feature allows a single light to be used for a variety of seasonal occasions and celebrations. Use the Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights to showcase your lawn or garden year round or to adorn your home inside and out, with a magical effect for special events such as weddings, parties, special events, celebrations and holidays. With the Sparkle Magic Illuminator Lights system, you can transform the most ordinary lawn or garden into an impressive show place.

We offer the Magic Illuminator Lights in three vibrant colors.  Emerald Dust (green) Indigo Twilight (blue) and Crimson Stars (red).  The Illuminator casing is made from aluminum, making it lightweight, durable and best of all portable. Each of the components of the Illuminator are designed to tolerate  year round weather conditions for many years of use.  The Illuminator is priced so that anyone can combine colors to create an impressive kaleidoscope of your landscape, garden, residence, business  or any indoor or outdoor space.

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Sparkle Magic Illuminator Light Emerald


Sparkle Magic Illuminator Light Indigo


Sparkle Magic Illuminator Light Crimson






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