How many lights will I need for my outdoor space?

    Each light covers an area of approximately 25′ by 25′ at a distance of 20′.  The distance you place your light from the target will determine how much of a spread you will get.  The light spots will appear closer together as you move the fixture closer to your target.

    Will I be able to set up and adjust the light pattern myself?

    Yes, all you have to do after you plug in your Sparkle Magic Illuminator, is point it towards your desired surface and adjust the dial to achieve different effects.  There are several mounting accessories available that will allow you to install the laser light in many different positions.

    Are the lights available in other colors?

    Red, Blue and Green are the only colors  currently available. Other products may follow but we have not been notified of any new color choices.

    What kind of power outlet will I need for the Illuminator?

    The Sparkle Magic Illuminator light has a power adapter cord included that will plug into a 110-volt wall outlet.  While the plug is standard in the USA, you can purchase a suitable adapter for use in other countries.  We currently do not supply the 220/240V adapter.

    How will the laser light affect my power usage?

    Each Sparkle Magic Illuminator laser light uses only 0.8 amps or less which translates to less than 5 watts.  The standard cord length per light is 52 inches. Extension Cables are available as an accessory item.

    Does the Illuminator have a timer?

    There is no built in timer however you can purchase In-line timers at most home improvement stores and the installation is quick and simple   .

    Can I use the Illuminator indoors and out?

    Absolutely.  The Sparkle Magic Illuminator is made from to withstand outdoor weather conditions. The Illuminator has a cap that protects the laser from outdoor elements inluding rain and snow.

    Is there a warranty with the Illuminator?

    Yes. Each Illuminator light comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty

    Will the Illuminator affect airplanes or flight paths?

    When you use the Magic Illuminator as instructed, the beams will become negligible after 750 feet.  This is compliant with FAA guidelines if your are not within a mile of an airport.

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