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    For those of you who are looking for a Sparkle Magic Review, welcome to our Sparkle Magic Reviews Page. These reviews have been written and posted by customers from all over the United States who have ordered, received and used their Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Lights and who want to share their experience. If your still not sure if these lasers are right for you or if you are just looking for confirmation from the market place, Sparkle Magic Customer Reviews are one of the best ways to research and learn about this high quality laser light product, from the customer point of view, before you make your decision to purchase.

    Product better than most on market. Really bright laser that lights up a good portion of my back yard. I have 4 different models and this is the brightest by far. I recommend the green one of these.
    – Walter C. Rockville, Conn.

    Best item ever for an outdoor party. Didn’t have to string lights on the trees. Also handy for indoor use, especially if you have high ceilings.
    – Jeanine R. Lawrenceberg, IN

    Super easy to setup, lights up the whole house and trees. Plan to use this for backyard accent lighting year round.
    – Eddie K. Lebanon, TN

    I would DEFINITELY recommend this product. It is sooooo cool. I wish they would make purple and orange lights for Halloween! I have cars stopping in front of my house to look at the lights. I look forward to easy set up for lights for Xmas no more hassle of lights and ice and cold to put them up. I would buy the 3 pack and use the lights separately when needed, Great value!!
    – Meghan G. Orchard Lake, MI

    Have used this product over the last 2 nights at my home..It worked well so far and look forward to using it many times in the future..It works great in the rain..Rain droplets just lit up as little flecks of green in the air..Wonder how it will look in the nighttime snowfalls.
    – Bob M. Indianapolis, IN.

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